About Heiritage

The Heiritage, LLC aims to frame our Black American identity and narrative with a modern day twist on a timeless item, playing cards!  Our playing card decks will be opened and shared around tables of laughter and joy.  They will be enjoyed time and time again at festive affairs as a historic cache of black foremothers and forefathers.  The Heiritage provides a collectible to the black millennial.  The Heiritage preserves an artifact for the blackness connoisseur.  The Heiritage is a timekeeper and historian for the emblems and images of the times.

Whether you’re gifting a deck to your grandmother who loves playing bridge with the other church women or keeping a deck for yourself to challenge any and every one in a friendly spades game…

You’ll remember who you are. 

You’ll rejoice in that recollection.

You’ll be reminded of your identity and your heritage.

So, which ancestors are you betting on to win the hand you’ve been dealt?