Who We Are

Shawna and Tiffany both graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with degrees in Materials Science & Engineering. 

When these ladies aren’t playing cards, board games, (or really any game with a competitive edge) in New York City with friends, they’re out trying to explore all cultures the globe has to offer young millennials.

Tiffany Mickel

Feminista. Consultant.  Designer.  Creative.  Writer.  Media Buff.  Style Culturist.  Skincare Guru.  Life Coach.  Activist.  Foodie.  Frequent Flyer.  Calisthenics Fanatic.  

Shawna Davis

Feminist.  Data Scientist.  Aspiring Software Engineer.  Marketing Genius.  Gossip Columnist.  Travel Enthusiast.  Reality TV Guru.  Dog Whisper.  Community Advocate.

Darian Shepherd

Family Man.  Content Creator.  Art Director.  Hustler.  Professional Home Videographer.  Trend Lord.  Cinephile.  Collector Of All Things Nerdy.  Black Art Enthusiast.